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This year, the U.S. will pay $3.6 billion to dispose of more than 12 billion lbs. of regulated medical waste (RMW). Within this waste stream is an estimated 3 billion lbs of scientific plastics.

Because these plastics are “single-use,” virtually 100% of this waste is either incinerated or buried in landfills.

As a result, 3 billion lbs. worth of new single-use products must be fracked and cracked, or drilled out of the ground every year. 

While the mass production of single-use plastics is a major source of carbon emissions, the incineration of these same materials is also the 3rd largest source of carcinogenic dioxin air emissions.

In accordance with state and federal law, all this RMW must be sterilized prior to disposal. As a result, the 3 billions lbs of plastic contained within the US BMW stream is eligible for recycling and could yield greater than $450 million / year as just scrap.

Current System

> 12 Billion lbs. of biomedical waste is generated every year in the U.S.

me better stewards of the environment

Laboratory Plastic Recycling

Polycarbin’s laboratory plastic waste diversion system provides partnering institutions with the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint and spend less on waste management.

Our experts will help you:

1. Reduce plastic waste

2. Reduce the cost of waste management

3. Reduce landfill and incinerator bound waste

4. Become better stewards of the environment

Polycarbin System

Software for your sustainability goals

Smart Waste Management

A software platform for your sustainability goals

We can help your institution implement a management system that will track regulated medical waste from cradle-to-grave, identify gratuitous waste, and monitor your sustainability goals. 

Polycarbin’s software platform will help you track total waste production and waste production kinetics at discrete waste disposal locations throughout your institution.