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Biogen's Sustainability Symposium

A Leap into Green Science

In a powerful stride towards sustainable science, Biogen hosted a dynamic Sustainability Symposium on Tuesday, November 14th. The event, graced by an enthusiastic audience, was a testament to Biogen's commitment to weaving environmental consciousness into the fabric of scientific endeavors.

Keynote Speaker: Thomas O'Brien, Polycarbin's Sustainability Lead

The highlight of the symposium was keynote address by Thomas O'Brien, Polycarbin's Sustainability Lead. With a wealth of expertise in circular economy practices, Thomas presented to the audience on the transformative potential of embracing green initiatives in scientific research.

Thomas delved into the principles of circularity, shedding light on how labs can adopt practices that reduce environmental impact while enhancing efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


Commitment to a Greener Future

Biogen's commitment to sustainability was palpable throughout the event. From reducing greenhouse gas emissions to addressing water conservation, waste reduction, and sustainable drug development, Biogen's multifaceted approach is driving positive change in the scientific community.

The symposium was not just a gathering; it was a collaborative effort to propel science towards a greener, more sustainable future. Biogen's dedication and the insightful keynote by Thomas O'Brien underscored the importance of sustainable practices in shaping the future of scientific research.

As the event concluded, the shared commitment to a greener future lingered in the air, leaving attendees inspired and equipped with the knowledge to make a positive impact through their work.

Next Steps

Scientists looking to improve their plastic stream, within Biogen and beyond, are encouraged to use Polycarbin's Carbin Calculator to have a free estimate of their emission and water reductions sent to their inbox. 


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