Join Polycarbin at the NIH Green Labs Fair!

Join Polycarbin at the NIH Green Labs Fair!

Tuesday, September 19, 2023
11am - 2pm
FAES Terrace (Building 10)

Be sure to visit Polycarbin's booth in the Building 10 atrium at the upcoming National Institute of Health’s Green Labs Fair. This exciting event, set to take place during the NIH Research Festival at the Bethesda NIH campus, provides a unique opportunity for scientists, researchers, and sustainability enthusiasts to come together and explore innovative solutions for greener, more sustainable laboratory practices.

Our focus at this event is on the incredible scientists who have embraced the use of low-carbon lab products made from circular resin and creating a positive experience for like-minded scientists looking to make the leap to low-carbon products. These individuals are the real champions, pioneering a sustainable approach to scientific research. Polycarbin team members, Taylor Burns and Brad Kennedy, are eagerly looking forward to connecting with scientists who have been leading the charge by incorporating these products into their research. Although, federally mandated by the “Buy Clean” initiative, it is much easier to upgrade to products that hit water, energy, fossil fuel, and emissions benchmarks with interactive samples (in person on Tuesday).

On top of free samples of the highest demanded products, the Polycarbin booth will be outfitted with active contests and giveaways to ensure that you and your peers will find lab sustainability is as interesting as we do!

Whether you're already familiar with Polycarbin’s products or exploring them for the first time, we invite you to visit our booth at the NIH Green Labs Fair. Our low-carbon lab products made from circular resin are available through multiple convenient channels. You can find them right in the Building 10 Supply Center, via the NIH’s online checkout system, or even through our Gaithersburg warehouse. This accessibility ensures that you can seamlessly integrate sustainable practices into your lab operations.

The NIH's commitment to sustainability is truly commendable. The Bethesda site has made significant strides in advancing the circular economy, having circularized thousands of pounds of plastic waste already. This initiative not only keeps plastics out of landfills but also dramatically reduces the emissions associated with their research activities. Stop by the booth to get the full breakdown on the NIH’s statistical breakdown, and see how the Bethesda site can remove even more tons of CO2 Emissions from the atmosphere.

We also want to shine a spotlight on green lab champions like Minoo Shakoury-Elizeh, and the committee that has pushed these great initiatives. These individuals play a vital role in driving sustainability within their labs and organizations, serving as an inspiration to us all. Their dedication to sustainable practices aligns perfectly with Polycarbin's mission to make science more environmentally friendly.

The NIH Green Labs Fair promises to be an event filled with knowledge sharing, networking, and the celebration of sustainable achievements. We can't wait to meet you there and exchange ideas on how we can collectively shape a more sustainable future for scientific research.

Stay tuned for updates from the NIH Green Labs Fair, and be sure to visit our booth to learn more about how Polycarbin is revolutionizing lab sustainability.

See you at the fair!

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