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A Partnership to Lead Lab Sustainability Innovation

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences and Polycarbin Partner to Lead Lab Sustainability Innovation

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Beckman Coulter and Polycarbin have Partnered to Increase Access to the Circular Economy for Lab Plastics.

Indianapolis – January 29th, 2024. In an exciting leap towards sustainable lab practices, Polycarbin proudly announces a strategic partnership with Beckman Coulter Life Sciences. This collaboration, aimed at reshaping lab sustainability, brings a host of benefits for scientists, particularly those engaging in liquid handling automation.

Unlock Sustainable Solutions for Your Lab:

  1. Closed-Loop Recycling: Dive into the future of lab sustainability by exploring Polycarbin's expanded closed-loop recycling solutions. Your lab plastics no longer need to contribute to landfills or incinerators. Join us in keeping these materials within the supply chain for recycling and reuse.

  2. Discover Low-Carbon Lab Products: Embark on a sustainability journey with Polycarbin and Beckman Coulter Life Sciences. Our innovative line of low-carbon lab consumables, crafted from recycled materials, redefines the eco-friendly lab. Every product is backed by third-party verified sustainability metrics, allowing you to align your lab's budget with impactful sustainability goals.

Why Scientists Are Choosing Polycarbin:

James O’Brien, CEO of Polycarbin, emphasizes, "This partnership transforms the landscape of lab sustainability. For scientists, it's not just about recycling; it's about empowering your research with solutions that minimize your environmental footprint."

Take Action Today:

    • Explore Polycarbin's Site: Take the first step towards making your lab more eco-friendly, and correspond with our Lab Sustainability Experts to discover the breadth of sustainable lab solutions waiting for you.
      See the recycling tiers and connect with a team member to see which is right for you.

    • Calculate Your Carbon Reduction: Use our free calculator to see how much your lab could reduce its carbon footprint by, just through circular lab recycling practices. See CO2 emission and fresh water reductions when you Calculate your potential.

    • Quickly Connect: Use Polycarbin's chat feature (bottom right of this, and every, page) to reach someone knowledgeable about your lab's environmental potential!

    • Read More About the Partnership: Gain insights into how this collaboration is changing the game in lab sustainability. Press Release Here.

Your Lab, Your Impact:

At Polycarbin, we believe that every lab can be a catalyst for positive change. Join us in reshaping the future of scientific research with sustainable choices.

For inquiries and partnership details, fill out the Polycarbin sign-up form above, or reach out to

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