Polycarbin Comes out of Stealth

Polycarbin Comes out of Stealth

Polycarbin Comes out of Stealth, Raising $2M from Ringbolt Capital and VoLo Earth Ventures to Decarbonize the Life Science and Healthcare Sector

[San Francisco, CA]: Today, Polycarbin, Inc. announced the closing of a $2M seed round with funding from Ringbolt Capital, VoLo Earth Ventures, along with several notable angel investors to scale the only Closed-Loop solution for single-use plastics in the life science and healthcare sector. 

In the midst of a global pandemic that has destabilized the supply chains that provide essential plastic consumables to laboratories across the country, Polycarbin has brought to market the only line of sustainable, circular economy laboratory products. Polycarbin is reducing the carbon footprint of innovation by turning the scientific waste of today into the laboratory products of tomorrow.

After witnessing 8 million tons of plastic waste generated during the Covid-19 pandemic, the life science and healthcare industry is finally grappling with the consequences of the ‘single-use’ economy. Polycarbin is on a mission to reduce the carbon footprint of innovation while scaling a more sustainable and efficient supply chain to meet the needs of scientists and the low-carbon economy of the future.

As a recycler and lab product re-manufacturer, Polycarbin equips the industry-leading biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and diagnostic laboratories with a Closed-Loop platform for managing plastic disposal and green procurement, while quantifying their impact using Polycarbin’s proprietary chain of custody software. 

“Polycarbin is truly the first real solution to address the impact that the life sciences and healthcare industry has on the global environment.” said Joe Vacca, Managing Partner of Ringbolt Capital.  “We are proud to invest in a company that will forever change the way we look at the plastic waste produced by the innovation ecosystem.” 

Having developed the only line of circular economy lab products, Polycarbin is setting its sights on scaling production capacity and plans to use its capital to meet the growing demand for single-use scientific plastics with a sustainable and affordable solution.

About Polycarbin Inc: Polycarbin provides industry leading biotechnology, pharmaceutical and diagnostic laboratories with the only true Closed-Loop solution for single-use scientific plastics. As a recycler and lab product re-manufacturer, Polycarbin equips the innovation ecosystem with the data needed to quantify your sustainable efforts, as well as the low-impact lab products needed to achieve your green procurement goals.

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