Recycle – Polycarbin

A green solution that goes beyond basic recycling

Make a bigger impact by choosing a solution that ensures your plastics are being remanufactured into new lab products and not downcycled.

Be a champion for sustainable science

Divert your plastics from landfills and incinerators

Don’t let your lab plastics be part of the 12 billion pounds of scientific plastics wasted each year.

Contribute to the only circular economy in the life sciences.

Extend the life of your plastics by ensuring they are remanufactured into new lab products and not downcycled.

Track your sustainability efforts

Access a live dashboard of how much plastic you’ve kept in the lab and out of the waste stream with the Carbin Counter.

A plan for every size lab and organization

Alpha Carbin for Pipette Tip Boxes

Just getting started in lab plastic recycling? No problem. You can make a big impact by recycling just your pipette tip boxes. It’s as easy as filling the box and shipping it back.

Beta Carbin for Rigid Plastics

Expand your impact on sustainable science by recycling your rigid lab plastics from pipette tips to buffer bottles. It’s as simple as diverting based on color, filling the box, and shipping it back.

Gamma Carbin for Custom Services

Achieve maxiumum impact on sustainability by letting us do the work for you. We will work directly with your organization to develop a custom service and minimize logistics for you.

Quantify Your Impact

Use the Carbin Counter to see how your recycled material has been circularized into the next generation of lab products. Access to the live dashboard is included with all Polycarbin recycling solutions.

Find the Polycarbin solution that’s right for you